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The beginning: how did Thank You. start?

One day we noticed that the world is not smiling and we asked ourselves .. how can we make all these people happy? After a few tries we really got addicted to the idea of spreading happiness. We tried to research and forward personal development advice, we gathered and shared jokes, we've collected artwork hoping we can amaze our audience, we've put in practice many guides towards happiness and nothing was general enough to help every single individual we've taken in consideration.

This, of course, happened before we found gratitude. The amazing thing about gratitude is that it applies to everyone and in any domain. In the end the difference between acknowledging what you achieved or not doing so is the difference between happiness and indifference. It's incredibly easy and very efficient. That's the idea that started this platform.

The community: how many people use this?

We do not count our community in unique visitors or in page views. The only thing that matters for us is their interaction with our platform. The only way we know they become happy is if they write down their thanks. Here's what we have so far:

Most Frequent Thanks
Thank you for everything310 times
Thank you for love300 times
Thank you for life266 times
Thank you for my family195 times
Thank you for loving me133 times
General Statistics
62012 messages
2424 signatures

The support: shares, donations and business opportunities

If you want to be a part of this amazing project you can start by sharing this website on your social media pages. Below we've set a few links that might help you.

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Another great way to help is by making a donation. All the money will be used for the improvement and management of this platform (hosting, new features development, marketing and so on). Any amount is highly appreciated.

If you prefer to give us your time instead of your money or if you have a business proposal you can always send us an email.