Are Optimists Ignoring Reality?

One of the harshest things we learn in life is the fact that it’s not built out of pretty butterflies, surrounded by pink cozy blankets and topped with a hot cup of sweet cocoa waiting for you. Some find out about this sooner, some later, but in the end everyone gets that kick in the head […]

Gratitude – A Free Tool To Success

Success… The most craved accomplishment by all human beings. We search relentlessly for it because we are sure that success will bring us happiness. In the end, isn’t this the ultimate goal of our lives? For years and years scientist have been studying the correlation between the two, trying to provide a recipe for success. However, exactly […]

Gratitude is all about attitude

Positive psychology revolves around being at peace with your past, accepting and being happy about your present life and knowing that your future is worth looking forward to. Gratitude for the past, the present and the future will ensure a positive disposition and an enhanced sense of self esteem. Being able to change your attitude […]