Check out our improved Android App

The ‘Thank You.’ project has started to receive a lot of attention and in order to facilitate spreading the word about it we’ve done a lot of marketing changes. One of these changes was creating a Youtube video to present our Android app.

We are proud to announce that our Online Gratitude Journal for Android has a new shiny video presentation.

Watch it below and share it with your family and friends so that they can get a glimpse of genuine happiness through the Thank You. app.

Another important change was adding some amazing self-explanatory screenshots on our Google play page:

Thank You. Android Screenshot 1Thank You. Android Screenshot 2Thank You. Android Screenshot 3Thank You. Android Screenshot 4Thank You. Android Screenshot 5

Oh! In case you missed the latest update let me tell you what we did. We’ve added a daily notification reminder option in the settings page and a foul language filter for all the mean people that submit the wrong stuff.  Make sure to get the new and improved version here.

Thanks for reading!

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