Gratitude – A Free Tool To Success

Success… The most craved accomplishment by all human beings. We search relentlessly for it because we are sure that success will bring us happiness. In the end, isn’t this the ultimate goal of our lives?

For years and years scientist have been studying the correlation between the two, trying to provide a recipe for success. However, exactly as for the correlation between the sun and our planet, the scientists were studying the event backwards. It was believed that happiness was the outcome of success. Recent studies show that actually being able to achieve happiness fuels our success in every aspect of our lives. Following these studies, a new branch of psychology emerged – positive psychology.

Positive psychology – The new concept

Positive psychology basically studies the factors that enable individuals and society as a whole to thrive. This new science studies and proves the fact that by improving the overall mindset of an individual it’s life will take a turn for the better as well.

We took the time to place some pins in some of the important aspects discussed in this field. We created an infographic to outline the importance of gratitude in the process of becoming successful and also to provide a few other tips on forming a positive mindset.

Gratitude and Success Infographic

If you want to know more about positive psychology we recommend the following TED talk – The happy secret to better work held by Shawn Achor the author of The happiness Advantage.

Do you agree that gratitude and implicitly happiness are very important factors in achieving success?

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