Are Optimists Ignoring Reality?

One of the harshest things we learn in life is the fact that it’s not built out of pretty butterflies, surrounded by pink cozy blankets and topped with a hot cup of sweet cocoa waiting for you. Some find out about this sooner, some later, but in the end everyone gets that kick in the head from the ruthless thing called REALITY.

Acknowledging the fact that life has it’s good and it’s bad changes you forever. This is probably the cross-road where you get to choose your way of life. How are you going to be? Optimistic, pessimistic or worse… a realist?

I believe that ‘realists’ are the worse because let’s face it… There are no gray shades when talking about attitude. You’re either optimistic or you’re not. There are no half measures. Realists are actually undercover pessimists who don’t want to face the facts. Have you ever heard a realist saying something optimistic? I didn’t. I usually get the pessimistic rant followed by: ‘I’m not trying to be pessimistic. I’m just being realistic here’.

Optimistic people are often believed to be ‘out of this world’ because they don’t seem affected by all the bad that’s going on around them. Often they’ll be attacked by realists who are trying to ‘get them back to Earth’, but it won’t work. The optimistic is always encapsulated in his bubble of hope.

Analysing the negative – a Pandora’s box

People don’t want to think about the rough things in life. We don’t like to think or talk about death, separation, loss, hunger, depression, or even environmental disasters. We believe that by speaking of them, we are going to open some kind of Pandora’s box which we won’t be able to handle, nor close. The important fact that we seem to be missing is that you can’t accept or understand something you don’t think about.

In my own opinion, I don’t think that optimistic people are spaced-out. I just think they understood, accepted and also rejoiced the beauty of life in it’s whole. I’m not saying that optimists can find happiness in death for example, but I truly believe that they can see the greater purpose in all that. They understood something that everyone of us needs to understand:

  • Never focus on the bad things that you can’t change
  • The only acceptable reason to dwell on a bad thing is to find a solution for it
  • Negative things will always teach us a lesson. Pinpoint on that.

When we are able to accept the fact that the bad is part of our life, then we can feel grateful even if we are having a rough time.

‘And what about the obstacles that life puts up? Should I be thankful for that?’

I see your question and I’ll raise you this: ‘How can you be happy if you don’t embrace every aspect of your life and yourself?’ Embrace the negative things. Be grateful for them in a twisted kind of way. Not because of their consequences, but because you are strong enough to surpass them.

The most powerful tool the optimists have is GRATITUDE.

Gratitude isn’t about faking your reaction to what goes on in your life. It’s ok to cry and hit a wall once in a while, but the nice thing about gratitude is that once you’ve got it into your system, your reaction to life events will change drastically without your control.

Optimism isn’t imagining a better life. Optimism is understanding, accepting and rejoicing life in it’s whole. Don’t you agree?

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