Gratitude is all about attitude

Positive psychology revolves around being at peace with your past, accepting and being happy about your present life and knowing that your future is worth looking forward to. Gratitude for the past, the present and the future will ensure a positive disposition and an enhanced sense of self esteem. Being able to change your attitude will give you the power to change your current circumstances which will manifest in a happy outcome for the future. If you focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses you will improve your mental outlook which in turn will positively affect all you do and say.

Positive Psychology Exercises

When you embrace the positive psychology of changing your attitude and adopting a positive emotional outlook you slowly begin to take control of your personal power to achieve what you desire and appreciate how simple it actually is to navigate your journey through this one life that we all are blessed with. The first place to begin is with your emotions and your attitude.

  • Do not try to emulate anyone else just be true to yourself
  • Love everything that you do or think as a conscious choice
  • If you love yourself you will love others
  • Change the things you can change and leave the rest
  • You may not be perfect, but you are perfect for you
  • Be the change you wish to see in others
  • Express your gratitude verbally
  • Appreciate and respect that others may have circumstances that they are also endeavoring to change
  • Liberate yourself from old thought patterns
  • Condition your old belief system to become a positive new belief system only
  • Know that you are worthy of receiving the good things in your life
  • Learn to trust your own instincts
  • Learn to trust others
  • Above all believe in yourself and love yourself

A positive psychology definition is changing your attitude to one of being in an emotionally positive state which will help you overcome negative habits and thoughts and achieve a healthy state of emotional well-being. Practicing positive psychology exercises will ultimately create and reflect a positive attitude for all that you have experienced in life and all that you currently have and ultimately all that you will experience on your path through life.

Many people allow life to get the better of them and then they spiral downwards into a well of self pity which achieves nothing at all. The road back to the being positive and happy almost seems insurmountable. If you start by changing only one aspect then let it be your attitude, particularly in respect of gratitude. Irrespective of how low your level of emotional well-being may be, you can change it just by changing your attitude and by being grateful … for life, for loved ones, for shelter, for a meal everyday and for every facet of your life.

A call to action

Possessing the knowledge of positive psychology is not enough … you need to actually do something to make it work for you and that something starts with changing your attitude. Don’t wish for something because as the old adage says “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride” get up and take action now. Make your dreams a reality by becoming what you dream, it is not impossible… it is infinitely possible if you just take the first step.

If you lack gratitude for whom and what you are, then your perceptions in life and the world around you will be skewed in favor of negativity which is counter productive at the best of times. A positive attitude of gratitude will guide your actions and help you change your perception of your life and of yourself.

We are driven by habit and to alter those habits it takes a lot of practice. You also need to be grateful for whom and what you are and what you have. We all have to navigate this life and explore every facet of it on our journey in pursuit of happiness. The starting point would be being grateful for even experiencing the journey at all.

Positive psychology exercises will help train the brain to change and will ultimately change the way you see the world and yourself.  Take action now and change your attitude. Gratitude and happiness will follow. The goal of positive psychology is the ability to understand your emotional well-being. Your state of happiness and how to change your attitude in order to achieve this state of mind.

It has been said that time waits for no man and this is so true. Life is a precious commodity and an incredible experience. If you want to grab it with both hands and live it to its full potential then adopt the right attitude and all else will follow in its wake.

After all you are here and you will only be here once, so make the most of it. Nobody truly wants to reach the end of life’s journey and say that it was not worth it. Would it not be better to say that you may have taken a few wrong turns, but that it was well worth the diversion because you learnt so much along the way? When your time has come, you can truly say that it was a life well lived and that you are grateful for the experience.

A life without gratitude is a life wasted…

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